GLU(Gluze) [v.2.6] MS-DOS based 3D-Viewer for MNDO, AMPAC, MOPAC output files. AMPAC files must have .out extension, MOPAC - .lis, MOPAC6 - .mp6, MNDO - .omn, although it isn't strict. Updated to 2.6 - MOPAC7 and MOPAC93 formats are supported.

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glu.gif (3545 bytes)
MV [v.0.16] MS-DOS based 3D-Viewer for MOPAC style input files (internal coordinates). Input of coordinates should begin with line 4 (as for AMPAC and MOPAC input files).

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mv.gif (3156 bytes)
VEGA [v.0.19] MS-DOS based 3D-Viewer for GAMESS input and output files. CART, ZMT, MPCZMT formats are supported. Vibrations are visualized.

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GM [v.1.0] MS-DOS tool for GAMESS. The program displays geometry, RMS and energy during optimization.

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You may take GLU, MV, VEGA and GM at once.

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A set of small tools to refine&compress Gamess output files (PKGMS), convert Hyperchem .hin format to AMPAC/MOPAC (HIN) and extract final Z-matrix from AMPAC output files (OUT2DAT). <MS-DOS programs> 

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Hydrocarbon distillation table (C10-C30). I use the table both in  vacuum distillation and GC analysis. (PDF File)

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